Grow your influence and your business with the power of tiny courses

Unlock your expertise, boost your credibility, and open new paths to your services, workshops and more.

How tiny courses can help you and your business

Share what you know fast

Forget spending months on large courses or wrestling complex tools. Just focus on your content and have a tiny course fast.

Strengthen your credibility

Add more value, as well as reinforcing your expertise. Bite-size your knowledge into fun but professional sharable tiny courses.

Expand your opportunities

Create enticing lead magnets and upsell your workshops, consultancy and coaching by sharing your knowledge in tiny courses.

Why tiny courses are a great way to share your knowledge

Start with one topic at a time

Start to unlock your expertise and share with the world by starting small with your first tiny course.

Effortless and easy creation

We've made creating a tiny course as easy as writing an email which makes them fun and easy to create.

Flexible sharing for your workflow

Share to gather leads, share to make some extra money, share with your clients or share to the world.